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Voice Trap 
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Voice Trap

An old widely used method to remove voice from any music track was to subtract the channels from the right channel you must subtract the left channel and you would get the audio output without the voice, the background sound.

However that method produces poor results as with it you will obtain a mono output with no bass. As expected the mix sounds real bad. This worked only on older type of tracks and you couldn’t really isolate the voice you could just remove it.

Voice trap offers two sophisticated DSP algorithms:

  • FFT-based center channel suppression / isolation
  • Cepstral filtering (this is a very advanced method to identify harmonically rich elements in any given mix).

Thus Voice Trap will offer stereo output with untouched bass in a great quality output from the original audio input.

  • The mix is largely preserved
  • You can choose to remove the vocal OR isolate it

Browse the official site for a 290 KB MP3 sample that was made using Voice Trap Software. Listen it and you will observe the FFT-based center-channel method being used. The MP3 has both the before and after audio. You will hear a first segment of audio from a song then after a pause you will hear the output generated by Voice Trap. Voice Trap software is up for a much bigger challenge as we can see in the second given example of the 419 KB mp3 file. This track is part of a modern and more recent production that has stereo ambiance. The voice extraction procedure is more complex but the effect matters: the voice is extracted from the initial audio and the result is of an impeccable quality.

Most of the times the results are excellent. Voice Trap is a good solution for voice extraction.

$25 – Buy now!



filter out voice
(software interface – voice remover)

Other Features

  • Remove voice – Great for karaoke
  • When doing remixing or mash-ups you can isolate all the vocals
  • Technology used: complex FFT & cepstral algorithms


I just love this product. It has everything it needs to have, and more! The price is also very attractive to home users. I’ve tried to remove voice with alot of other programs but many were too expansive for me to use. It didn’t took long before I got the hang of how to use this. But I am quite satisfied with the results.

My family loves to have a karaoke nights. With this product they can make their own karaoke version of their favorite songs and sing all night long.

I recommend this product to every karaoke-fan!




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