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Voice Tracker


VoiceTracker is an audio software that stands out for all your recording needs. Make Voice Tracker your own dictaphone. This voice software comes With many built in voice level detection routines. Thus it can easily detect your voice and know when to start recording. Voice Recording is done automatically upon detection and all files are grouped and saved in the Audio Library folder.

From now on you will never have to press any “record” buttons or such, as the software will detect your voice and start recording stopping when you stop your speech. It uses a smart algorithm so that it won’t record silent moments yet it will record all you have to say as you say it.

The software works well with external hardware: microphones, phone line connected to your pc, etc. You will be able to manual record by going into the manual recording mode. This will provide the two separate channels record mode.

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Voice Tracker is not just another of those recording softwares, it’s different, it’s unique!
It can detect your voice, and once your voice is detected the recording process will automatically start.

This is a incredible handy feature for everyone who wants to prepare a speech or just record it. This product is used by a lot of my colleagues to record their speeches and then listen to it in order to find what points are weak in their speech so they can improve it. All of their speeches ended in a great success and 90% of the time they received standing ovations. It was because of my colleagues that I started using Voice Tracker and I am happy they were friendly enough to recommend this to me. And now I am recommending it to the rest of the world.




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