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Mp3 Audio Editor 
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Mp3 Audio Editor

Record anything from your voice to any sound in the room; Great Editing and Recording Software


This is more than just an audio recording software. It will allow you to do advanced voice or sound editing thus providing you with the perfect software to edit or record audio files.
Like the title says this software works directly with the compressed audio format: MP3.

Recording your voice or any kind of audio input is done in a snap and because of the audio format it is saved into the resulting file will have a relatively small file size comparing to one of a wav file.

This software does everything it is supposed to do. List of features:

  • Record MP3 files
    • Internet broadcasts or any audio streaming input can be recorded
    • High quality recording
    • Convert audio from tape to audio CD or DVD
  • Edit MP3 files
    • Easily open, create a new file or save an Mp3
    • Library with digital effects for your audio
    • Splitting and combining files is done very easy
    • Increase or decrease the intensity of the volume
    • Apply Fade out or the fade in effect
    • Mass convert or apply effects using batch commands
  • Share Mp3 files
    • Rip any audio CD to mp3 in minutes
    • Burn all your mp3 audio files to CD/DVD
    • Convert Mp3 to OGG Vorbis, Wma or WAV


(The simple interface of the Mp3 Audio Editor Software)

(MP3 Audio Editor Features)


Mp3 Audio Editor is a very advanced audio editing software. Voice Recording software can be frustrating to use as you need perfect timing in order to record something from the exact beginning (not to soon, not to late). But with Mp3 Audio editor recording is a snap:

Just hit record the red button on the left at any time. You will record what you need and later edit and cut out what you don’t. Other sound or audio recording software can only record a specified time interval. Not this one. Record for how long you need to.. Files will be small as it uses the mp3 file format.

We were impressed with all the digital effects put at our disposal by this software. From a click of a mouse you can do various Presets. Easily amplify your sounds and increase the loudness of your audio files. Other sound effects include: Normalize, High-Pass Filter, Equalizer, Echo, Reverb, Mix Depth, Feed Back Gain, Reverb, reverse and many others..



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