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Fast Sound Recorder
Fast Sound Recorder 
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Fast Sound Recorder


Fast sound recorder is both a voice editor and sound record software as its name suggests. It comes packed with many features though you could say it is a mini recording studio that runs on your own personal computer.

It knows more than just to record voice when you speak into the microphone. It can record any audio streaming or music played on your own pc by any software. (It can record sound from: Media Player, Real Player, Quicktime, WinAmp, it can even record sound from those flash games and from many different places). Once it records something the output can be saved in the most popular audio formats such as: mp3, ogg, wma, wav and vqf. Best feature is that you can schedule recording to begin and stop at a given time.

But Fast Sound Recorder is more than just a sound recorder utility for windows. The more interesting feature is that it can edit sound. Modify any audio file by cutting, pasting sounds inside a bigger audio file or just delete some portion of an audio file. It also offers an easy way to trim the files and to apply DSP effects.

Like all the professional voice recording software, Fast Sound Recorder can be set to pause recording sound if it detects no sound input for a given time. This is a very useful feature as once it detects voice or any kind of sound again it will resume recording right away. The result: a professional audio file with no big pauses.




Sound recorder software interface

Sound recorder software interface


  • You can set hot keys for easier usage
  • It is a powerful recorder that can record any audio played on your pc no matter the extension
  • Very friendly user interface
  • You can configure a lot of settings if you are a pro and need a more advanced environement
  • Skip silent moments and record a continuous sound.
  • It can enhance audio by applying DSP effects that come with the software
  • Fast Sound Recorder saves any recordings in CD Quality
  • It can edit audio files; it can cut,paste, copy, trim
  • It keeps a recording history
  • Schedule it to record at any time for as much as you want



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