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Cool Record Edit Deluxe
Cool Record Edit Deluxe 
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Cool Record Edit Deluxe


Cool Record and Edit Deluxe is a powerful voice and sound recording software. It can help you in various recording jobs such as backing up your old tapes (by transferring them to your pc), in internet radio, tv and audio cd recording and it can do much more.

Recording is pretty straight forward, with a friendly user interface it is very easy to set input audio source, desired recording volume and quality of the recorded sound. The built-in sound editor lets the user see the recorded sound on screen by watching its waveform, meanwhile the software can do filtering operations. You get to apply many audio effects and even do Spectral Analysis (linear, analog, normal and more).

If for example you want to record an old cassette then this software is for you. It comes with a filter that removes the clicks and crackles, a noise filter and with a built-in equalizer so that the final recording is clean and of good quality.




Cool Record Edit Deluxe

Cool Record Edit Deluxe


  • Records anything in high quality, supports timer for recording
  • Enhanced audio editor. Do delete, cut, silence, copy, insert, trim, paste, mix operations and more
  • Apply many audio effects: amplify sound, normalize or equalize the input, reverb or reverse, more
  • Do batch processing tasks, do sound edit jobs on up to 32000 files at a time
  • Speech synthesis software (Read text out loud: text to speech)
  • Tools: audio file merger, cd burner, audio cd ripper, change wma metadata



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