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Your Voice Reminder
Your Voice Reminder 
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Your Voice Reminder


Your Voice Reminder is a software that delivers voice messages, reminders and alerts based on a customized calendar with appointments and tasks set by you. This make it be part of an unique Time Management Package that helps relieve stress while not having the pressure of time.

Do your work at ease now, don’t worry about time management and leave this task for your personal computer to do with Your Voice Reminder Software.
The software was built in such a way that you will get used to it in time and will feel comfortable relying on it. The voice reminder will remind you about key events in advance with the start up reminders.

Time tracking is now done with ease, the user having the ability to set the software to display reminders from time to time. These reminders can have both text and voice.

Your Voice Reminder voice message software is much more than a simple software. It provides eye catching calendars, new changing color calendar reminders, customizable alerts, easy import, export and merge all events.
All of the above together with the software text to speech feature make it a good reminder software for windows.

$29.95 – Buy now!



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(picture showing how to use the reminder/alarm software)


  • Get a quick look on all the upcoming events for all days to come in the virtual desktop.
  • Simple listing of current and future events, reminders (to-do items) and alerts (for meetings) in a daily view display style. Browse the list by clicking on any day from the calendar.
  • Printable to-do list, (including meetings and tasks) the list is automatically generated from all reminders, alarms and alerts, in a portable format.
  • From now on you you will never forget about special events or appointments of any kind, birthday, holidays, etc.
  • Work comfortably and get a warning in time for appointed phone calls, breakfast etc.
  • Never forget those mini breaks to prevent overusing the computer that can cause errors and other problems.
  • Start Up greetings with voice, music or any other text messages, e.g.: “Greetings my King!”
  • Never forget to make room in your timetable for next projects.
  • You no longer need to check the time or date now you can listen to it being presented to you with a pleasent voice.
  • Work with secret task bar and still easily see the time /date.
  • Keep you screen background and with one mouse move view the calendar and clock. Get an overall view on all upcoming events that are grouped in a nice looking easy to browse list
  • Enhance your task bar with a colored clock.
  • Easily export all reminders (all the tasks, and to do items), all the alerts (future appointments), backup, import the list and merge for a perfect syncronization.
  • Quickly register anyone for voice data to use with this software / or use the time announcement feature and hear the complete time with the voice chosen by you in the software settings.


I’ve always had a scattered mind and I was always struggling with it. First I tried the notes-system but that was a true disaster. A month or two ago my daughter recommended me this product. As she has the same scattered mind as I do, but she found a solution to it.

It took me a week at max to get used to this system but after that it felt great working with it. I just love the personal audio messages. I let my friends speak in a personal reminder to their birthday and set the warning a couple of days before the birthday and on the birthday itself. That way I can remember their birthdays and still have enough time to buy them a present.

The way data is presented has a nice and clean look. I can see all my appointments in a single eye capture. I couldn’t be more satisfied with this product!

I recommend this product because:

  1. It’s easy in use.
  2. Clear and straightforward layout.
  3. It does it’s job, and this is of course one of the most important factors.
  4. It’s cheap!




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