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Voice Email Vemail
Voice Email Vemail 
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Voice Email Vemail


Vemail is a voice email software that offers a simplified solution to you to record and send any voice message through an email. The email can then be sent from a personal computer or from your own Pocket PC.
No longer use ordinary text while sending email when you can use Vemail and send audio messages in a snap.

Sending a voice message with this voice software is very straight forward. First enter an email address in the To Field. Now press and hold the F6 key on your keyboard for as long as you talk into the microphone and record your message. Finishing the recording will result in the software applying compression algorithms on your new recording after which it automatically sends it by mail. Don’t worry this setting can be set up so it’s not completely automatic in case you do something wrong while recording the message.

Just about anybody can receive your message and listen to it from their own email inbox. This doesn’t require any extra software on each part and it will be played in the default player that comes with the operating system.

Using voice messages over plain text has many advantages. One of them is that we speak faster than we type. Also we find it more relaxing to speak a message since this keeps us less occupied. Voice messages are thus indeed an improvement to electronic communications. The person that receives the voice message will be more impressed. He/she feel that he/she is really talking with you because of the personal tone of the human voice. You will be using Vemail constantly in no-time as it is very easy to use. It has an easy and user friendly user interface that comes packed with everything the software needs.

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Voice Email Message
(how to send a voice email message)


  • Easily include both the voice message and any other text or written notice in the email.
  • Automatic process: the voice message is recorded and then automatically attached to the email.
  • Ability to send Vemail without running the software by using configurable system hot-keys.
  • Extended settings if needed. You can even choose which codec to use in the voice message compression. The audio recording is smaller.
  • You can edit the voice recording if you need to. Easily continue a recording from a previous one.
  • Send email to anyone or mass send it by sending it to a group.
  • Supports mp3 file format.
  • Keep track of all your current or sent voice messages. The software even offers backup by cd or dvd.
  • By installing the text to speech module the software can translate the voice recording into a text draft so that you can include it in the sent email.
  • Vemail has a user friendly interface. It’s very easy to use making it easy for anyone to send voice emails.




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