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Voice Connector
Voice Connector 
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Voice Connector


Messengers could be a thing of the past. With software such as Voice Connector voice communication is possible on your own private lan without needing any internet access. The user interface is very friendly and it comes packed with features such as voice mail. Text chat is no longer boring but comfortable.

Thanks to the new technologies that power this software you can chat with your friends, choose multiple recipients and do much more no matter what you do anytime. For example you might be playing your favorite computer game but you won’t get bothered from your game play as an Overlay message will popup. No need for game pausing or any kind of hassle, voice communication is as easy as it should be. The above features make Voice Connector to be the number one choice for businesses especially for internet cafes or for game rooms.

The interface is very similar to the one of ICQ (popular chat client). This guarantees that you will quickly learn most program features very fast. But local voice chat is not all, Voice Connector knows how to do voice email. You can now save all voice chats and listen to them later from. Recommended for any business and education.

Use the local area network voice chat client for voice and text chat in public or private communication as well as in video conferences chat rooms.

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Voice Chat Software
(screen capture of the Voice Software)

Talk over lan | Voice Mail
(Voice chat window)

advanced voice configuration
(for the experts: more advanced settings in Voice Connector)


  • Software is a good solution for voice chat between multiple users of a network.
  • Select message recipients from any running application and do real time chat.
  • The text chat supports emoticons and text formatting.
  • P2P communication architecture, and great video conference optimizations.
  • Supports the multicast protocol, this will allow communication between routed networks.
  • Simple messenger-like software interface.
  • No internet connection is required. Install and go.
  • If you are stepped out voice mail will keep received messages.


Voice Connector will give you the possibility to talk with your friends in your own LAN network! It works very fluently while playing games and scanning the computer for viruses and other cpu-comprehensive tasks. One of the most handy features is that it will give you the possibility to talk to multiple recipients at once! You won’t believe how useful this might be unless you try it. I am using this product almost daily now, and I don’t think I can do without this product anymore. It saves me a unbelievable amount of typing all my messages all the time. Now I can speak at full speed without being bothered by my personal bottleneck (typing speed). You’d think I am a slow typer, but the opposite is true. I can type fast but I can talk a lot faster.

Another feature of Voice Connector is that it has the ability to record your voice and attach it to a e-mail and send it away. And it can be used in video conferences as well.

In short: it’s an amazing product for only $14!




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