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mailAmp Voice Email
mailAmp Voice Email 
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mailAmp Voice Email

Voice Email Software


The Voice Email software from mailAmp lets you create voice email messages in Outlook and Outlook Express using the MP3 technology. This will guarantee a better quality of your messages and at the same time better compression rates.

A voice email is faster in many ways also it is always more personal than a text message.
The resulted MP3 file can be sent to any email user.

This software installs a plug-in to Outlook. The plugins integrates into Outlook and ads features. You can now create short or long audio email messages that can be sent to any email user. Since the files will be compressed into MP3 format, the one who receives the message won’t need any kind of software installed.

The audio format email is compressed in size before it is sent to the receiver. With this software you get the trial version for free.

Advantages of trial version:

  • it doesn’t expire


  • all the trial limitations

The registered version has no limits such as the trial did on the recording time of your messages. By registering the product you get a top quality software packed with extra features.

18.03 Euro – Buy Now – Voice Email



Voice Email Software

Voice Email Software

Recording a voice message

Recording a voice message

The Outlook plugin is very compact as it takes an unbelievable amount of space. The results on the other hand are incredible.


Normally you would type an e-mail but with this software you speak the e-mail! It will integrate itself in Outlook and you’ll only have to press the record button to get started with your message. Personally I liked this new gadget for my e-mails. Quality is quite good, with the compression because without compression it would get rather large to send. Which is also the one and only con of this product but in the end it’s just good enough to properly work with.

It’s a quite useful product, it can save you lots of time. Not to forget that you can bring some emotions with the message.


This is a product that will allow you to send e-mails with your own voice. With this product you will get very personal e-mails. And you can add some nice emotions to your message now, instead of always typing those same old dull characters. Now you don’t have to type your messages anymore, unless you want to of course, you can save a lot of time too.

That’s not all, it only costs $30,- which I really found cheap for such great features it provides. With the hotkeys you can easily record the your voice and attach it to your e-mail. And even if you don’t want to use the hotkeys, you’ll have a well-looking interface ready for you to use. You might think that your e-mails will get too big to send when you would attach your voice to it. Not with Voice E-mail Vemail. Vemail has the option to compress your voice track so it will be smaller in size, and therefore small enough to send, and faster.

Did your voice track still got too big to send? No problem at all, with the speech-to-text module you can easily convert your voice to text and only send the voice tracks you want to be sent. Another option is just using the speech-to-text module when you’re not in the mood to type those long e-mails to your contacts.

Voice E-mail is totally worth its money, even if it would just be the speech-to-text module. Most of the speech-to-text products really cost a fortune, and will be out of reach of normal home users. But Vemail is kind enough to provide this feature for a low-price!

So if you haven’t got this product but you’re looking for such type of product, stop looking. This is worth every penny!




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