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MorphVOX Pro 
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MorphVOX Pro

MorphVOX Pro


MorphVOX pro is a program that will allow you to change your voice over the internet and in games.
It’s specialized in voice changing for online games, for example to make your voice look like your character (Dwarfs etc).
You can download alot of voice and sound packs for free from the homepage.
This product will give you high quality sound tracks cause of the algorithms used.

Compatible with: Windows 2000/XP/Vista




MorphVOX Pro Screenshot of the extended interface

MorphVOX Pro Screenshot of extended interface

MorphVOX Pro Screenshot

MorphVOX Pro Screenshot


  • Read MP3 format files
  • Manage your voices and sound effects
  • Speaker switches
  • Settings backup and restore possibilitys
  • Professional looking interface
  • Plugin supports
  • Game and chat system support
  • Low resources required
  • Quick voices/effects
  • Free sounds and voice packages from the developers homepage
  • Record option

Review #1
One of the very useful functions of this product is that it supports game integration. The free voice packages make it alot more fun too, as you don’t have to fuzz around too long to get the voice you want for your character but you can instantly click and use it.
I was amazed when i heard the quality of the sounds of it, it really is high quality! Some voices don’t sound realistic by default, but those are easy to edit and save to make them sound alot more realistic.

The interface is also a plus, it’s easy enough to get you started in no-time.

Although this product is specialized for online games voice changing it is also possible to make voice-overs for your videos. I just love this product, cause it’s not just easy to use and gives good quality, but it’s also cheap.
And if you still find this too much money, you can get a free trial at



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