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AV Voice Changer Diamond
AV Voice Changer Diamond 
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred by Nuance
Approved by Voice Software Organization
AV Voice Changer Diamond

AV Voice Changer Diamond

AV Voice Changer is a software that allows you to change your voice. It has a lot of default voice to choose from to transform your voice. It can also be used in online applications (Skype, MSN, Yahoo, etc).
Now you can fool your friends by pretending to be someone else.

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VCS Diamond Panel

VCS Diamond Panel

Effects from VCS Diamond

Effects from VCS Diamond


  • Equalizers
  • Background effects
  • Voice presets
  • Graphs
  • Stream recorder
  • Audio player
  • Comparator
  • Professional interface
  • Parody Mixer + Maker
  • Analyzer


I really like this product, it is very easy in usage. The interface looks very nice too. Also the presets that come with it are useful and fun to play with.
It gives very good quality output, no complains about that factor. AV Voice Changer is actually the first product that was used for voice changing on the market.
This means it has been around quite a long time where it has been critized and improved. In this review I used the Diamond version, but this is not the only version that AV brought on the market.
There are actually three different versions: Silver, Gold and Diamond. You can choose between any of these versions depending on the things you want to use it for, and of course your budget.

My conclusion:
I really recommend this product to everyone, it’s easy in use, high quality and there are enough presets to mess around to get started.

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