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Gate-and-Way Voice
Gate-and-Way Voice 
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Gate-and-Way Voice

Gate-and-Way Voice

To be connected to the world has never been so easy and safe.
The Gate-and-Way Control Panel guarantees one simple solution in the complex world of the Unified Messaging System. It’s a centralized environment designed to easily manage and have full control over the server itself and its services.

To add a client, to give it the permissions, to enable the services, to automate the operations, to quickly monitor whether everything is running ok, even if you are outside the company…

The answer is Gate-and-Way!

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Voice Gateway

Voice Gateway

Setup the voice gateway

Setup the voice gateway

1. Mailboxes in the Internal Mail Server.
Shared Mail Folders.
Fetching of e-mail stored on External Mailboxes over the Internet.
Enabling client PC over the LAN to send mail either to internal or external mailboxes.

2. Enabling client PC to send faxes outside your company.
The received faxes arrive as e-mail, in PDF format.

3. Starting/Stopping your Internet connection.
Enabling client PC to use this connection and the integrated firewall.
Sharing a single account with all the users on the LAN.

4. Starting/Stopping the incoming voice calls detection,
Choosing the hours and the messages your Voice Modem has to play.

5. Choosing which files have to be Backuped in the local server,
And in the remote LAN clients.

6. Detecting malfunctions on the RAID system (if installed) and showing you the reasons of the problem.

7. Looking at the status and the log files of the server and all the provided services:
Internet connections,
Firewall attempting of intrusion,
Status of the remote mailboxes to fetch,
Faxserver and related modem(s),
Incoming voice calls and status of the related modem,
Backup logs,
Remote Access status and status of the related modem,
System log, Mail log and RAID log.

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