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This is a (d)encoder/player tool for Ogg Vorbis audio files. It handles more than enough loss-less compression methods:

  • FLAC
  • Monkey Audio
  • OptimFROG
  • LPAC

So what other features are there? oggdropXPd is able to create m3u playlists on the fly for you.

It is also able to rename and auto-tag your encoded audio. All you have to do with this tool is run it, and drag your audio files to the screen.

The drag-and-drop method sounds very easy, and of course it is easy in use. But do not think this tool is for beginners only.

You can change settings and parameters for the encoder.

I’ve been using this tool for the last couple of days and it truthfully met my needs. The drag-and-drop feature really convinced me to use it for Ogg Vorbis audio conversions.

The interface is very user-friendly and changing settings is just as easy, cause of the drag-and-drop interface. Tuning the encoder settings is not essential by default but the option still exists. The output is excellent quality. And I haven’t found faulty tags from the auto-tagging feature yet, so I am quite happy with that.

And last, but definitely not least. oggdropXPd is freeware! This is one of the best freeware audio converters out there.

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Adobe Soundbooth CS 4


Take command of all your creative projects (no matter if they are audio, film or videos). Adobe® Soundbooth® CS4 software can work with all. Use the Spectral view to visually edit and manipulate audio clips, or an enhanced editing workflow to personalize included Soundbooth Scores. It comes with convenient, task-based tools and tight integration with Adobe Premiere® Pro CS4 and Flash® CS4 Professional software.

Key features:

  • Match volume across tracks with a simple click
  • Find specific points in dialogue fast
  • Create audio loops with ease

$199 – Buy now!




Adobe software has two products for audio editing; Audition and Soundbooth. Some of you might already know one, or both, products. I am here reviewing Soundbooth.

For this review I used Soundbooth CS4. It is sold as a standalone product and part of the CS4 suite. It costs around 200 USD and 80 for a upgrade. One of the goals for the developers for the CS4 suite was to make the interfaces universal, and thus making working between several Adobe products easier. The interface now has panels which you can drag all over the screen to create the perfect interface for your goal.

I have been working with both audio products from Adobe for a while now, and when I updated to the CS4 pack it took me some time to get used to the new interface, but it didn’t created any problem nor irritation.

One of the new features is multi track editing. This is quite a essential feature for audio-editing products. When you drag a audio track in the editing panel the audio track will be cascaded down in the editing panel. If you need to edit one specific track, the track can be opened in a seperate panel for more advanced kind of editing.

Soundbooths Auto-Heal is a feature that can remove random noises and clicky sounds from the audio track. In the performed tests it came out very good, compared to lots of other audio-edting products! Personally, I believe Soundbooth has one, if not the!, of the best Auto-Heal-like functions.

A third new feature is Vocal Enhancer. This is used for voice recordings, removing noises from microphone and such.

Overall I am very satisfied with the progress of Soundbooth, and because of the new universal interface I find it much more comforting working between Soundbooth and Premiere. I must admit however, for more professional features you should take Adobe Audition, but that’s just for the real pro’s who need greater control over their audio. Do not immediately think Soundbooth is not for those specialized in audio, film and is, but like I said above: Audition is for those who need even greater control.

I am happy I spent the 80 bucks for the upgrade, however if I had to I would paid the 200 too.

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Fast Sound Recorder


Fast sound recorder is both a voice editor and sound record software as its name suggests. It comes packed with many features though you could say it is a mini recording studio that runs on your own personal computer.

It knows more than just to record voice when you speak into the microphone. It can record any audio streaming or music played on your own pc by any software. (It can record sound from: Media Player, Real Player, Quicktime, WinAmp, it can even record sound from those flash games and from many different places). Once it records something the output can be saved in the most popular audio formats such as: mp3, ogg, wma, wav and vqf. Best feature is that you can schedule recording to begin and stop at a given time.

But Fast Sound Recorder is more than just a sound recorder utility for windows. The more interesting feature is that it can edit sound. Modify any audio file by cutting, pasting sounds inside a bigger audio file or just delete some portion of an audio file. It also offers an easy way to trim the files and to apply DSP effects.

Like all the professional voice recording software, Fast Sound Recorder can be set to pause recording sound if it detects no sound input for a given time. This is a very useful feature as once it detects voice or any kind of sound again it will resume recording right away. The result: a professional audio file with no big pauses.




Sound recorder software interface

Sound recorder software interface


  • You can set hot keys for easier usage
  • It is a powerful recorder that can record any audio played on your pc no matter the extension
  • Very friendly user interface
  • You can configure a lot of settings if you are a pro and need a more advanced environement
  • Skip silent moments and record a continuous sound.
  • It can enhance audio by applying DSP effects that come with the software
  • Fast Sound Recorder saves any recordings in CD Quality
  • It can edit audio files; it can cut,paste, copy, trim
  • It keeps a recording history
  • Schedule it to record at any time for as much as you want
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Voice Connector


Messengers could be a thing of the past. With software such as Voice Connector voice communication is possible on your own private lan without needing any internet access. The user interface is very friendly and it comes packed with features such as voice mail. Text chat is no longer boring but comfortable.

Thanks to the new technologies that power this software you can chat with your friends, choose multiple recipients and do much more no matter what you do anytime. For example you might be playing your favorite computer game but you won’t get bothered from your game play as an Overlay message will popup. No need for game pausing or any kind of hassle, voice communication is as easy as it should be. The above features make Voice Connector to be the number one choice for businesses especially for internet cafes or for game rooms.

The interface is very similar to the one of ICQ (popular chat client). This guarantees that you will quickly learn most program features very fast. But local voice chat is not all, Voice Connector knows how to do voice email. You can now save all voice chats and listen to them later from. Recommended for any business and education.

Use the local area network voice chat client for voice and text chat in public or private communication as well as in video conferences chat rooms.

$14 – Buy now!



Voice Chat Software
(screen capture of the Voice Software)

Talk over lan | Voice Mail
(Voice chat window)

advanced voice configuration
(for the experts: more advanced settings in Voice Connector)


  • Software is a good solution for voice chat between multiple users of a network.
  • Select message recipients from any running application and do real time chat.
  • The text chat supports emoticons and text formatting.
  • P2P communication architecture, and great video conference optimizations.
  • Supports the multicast protocol, this will allow communication between routed networks.
  • Simple messenger-like software interface.
  • No internet connection is required. Install and go.
  • If you are stepped out voice mail will keep received messages.


Voice Connector will give you the possibility to talk with your friends in your own LAN network! It works very fluently while playing games and scanning the computer for viruses and other cpu-comprehensive tasks. One of the most handy features is that it will give you the possibility to talk to multiple recipients at once! You won’t believe how useful this might be unless you try it. I am using this product almost daily now, and I don’t think I can do without this product anymore. It saves me a unbelievable amount of typing all my messages all the time. Now I can speak at full speed without being bothered by my personal bottleneck (typing speed). You’d think I am a slow typer, but the opposite is true. I can type fast but I can talk a lot faster.

Another feature of Voice Connector is that it has the ability to record your voice and attach it to a e-mail and send it away. And it can be used in video conferences as well.

In short: it’s an amazing product for only $14!

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Mp3 Audio Editor

Record anything from your voice to any sound in the room; Great Editing and Recording Software


This is more than just an audio recording software. It will allow you to do advanced voice or sound editing thus providing you with the perfect software to edit or record audio files.
Like the title says this software works directly with the compressed audio format: MP3.

Recording your voice or any kind of audio input is done in a snap and because of the audio format it is saved into the resulting file will have a relatively small file size comparing to one of a wav file.

This software does everything it is supposed to do. List of features:

  • Record MP3 files
    • Internet broadcasts or any audio streaming input can be recorded
    • High quality recording
    • Convert audio from tape to audio CD or DVD
  • Edit MP3 files
    • Easily open, create a new file or save an Mp3
    • Library with digital effects for your audio
    • Splitting and combining files is done very easy
    • Increase or decrease the intensity of the volume
    • Apply Fade out or the fade in effect
    • Mass convert or apply effects using batch commands
  • Share Mp3 files
    • Rip any audio CD to mp3 in minutes
    • Burn all your mp3 audio files to CD/DVD
    • Convert Mp3 to OGG Vorbis, Wma or WAV


(The simple interface of the Mp3 Audio Editor Software)

(MP3 Audio Editor Features)


Mp3 Audio Editor is a very advanced audio editing software. Voice Recording software can be frustrating to use as you need perfect timing in order to record something from the exact beginning (not to soon, not to late). But with Mp3 Audio editor recording is a snap:

Just hit record the red button on the left at any time. You will record what you need and later edit and cut out what you don’t. Other sound or audio recording software can only record a specified time interval. Not this one. Record for how long you need to.. Files will be small as it uses the mp3 file format.

We were impressed with all the digital effects put at our disposal by this software. From a click of a mouse you can do various Presets. Easily amplify your sounds and increase the loudness of your audio files. Other sound effects include: Normalize, High-Pass Filter, Equalizer, Echo, Reverb, Mix Depth, Feed Back Gain, Reverb, reverse and many others..

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Voice Tracker


VoiceTracker is an audio software that stands out for all your recording needs. Make Voice Tracker your own dictaphone. This voice software comes With many built in voice level detection routines. Thus it can easily detect your voice and know when to start recording. Voice Recording is done automatically upon detection and all files are grouped and saved in the Audio Library folder.

From now on you will never have to press any “record” buttons or such, as the software will detect your voice and start recording stopping when you stop your speech. It uses a smart algorithm so that it won’t record silent moments yet it will record all you have to say as you say it.

The software works well with external hardware: microphones, phone line connected to your pc, etc. You will be able to manual record by going into the manual recording mode. This will provide the two separate channels record mode.

$14.95 – Buy Voice Tracker!




Voice Tracker is not just another of those recording softwares, it’s different, it’s unique!
It can detect your voice, and once your voice is detected the recording process will automatically start.

This is a incredible handy feature for everyone who wants to prepare a speech or just record it. This product is used by a lot of my colleagues to record their speeches and then listen to it in order to find what points are weak in their speech so they can improve it. All of their speeches ended in a great success and 90% of the time they received standing ovations. It was because of my colleagues that I started using Voice Tracker and I am happy they were friendly enough to recommend this to me. And now I am recommending it to the rest of the world.

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mailAmp Voice Email

Voice Email Software


The Voice Email software from mailAmp lets you create voice email messages in Outlook and Outlook Express using the MP3 technology. This will guarantee a better quality of your messages and at the same time better compression rates.

A voice email is faster in many ways also it is always more personal than a text message.
The resulted MP3 file can be sent to any email user.

This software installs a plug-in to Outlook. The plugins integrates into Outlook and ads features. You can now create short or long audio email messages that can be sent to any email user. Since the files will be compressed into MP3 format, the one who receives the message won’t need any kind of software installed.

The audio format email is compressed in size before it is sent to the receiver. With this software you get the trial version for free.

Advantages of trial version:

  • it doesn’t expire


  • all the trial limitations

The registered version has no limits such as the trial did on the recording time of your messages. By registering the product you get a top quality software packed with extra features.

18.03 Euro – Buy Now – Voice Email



Voice Email Software

Voice Email Software

Recording a voice message

Recording a voice message

The Outlook plugin is very compact as it takes an unbelievable amount of space. The results on the other hand are incredible.


Normally you would type an e-mail but with this software you speak the e-mail! It will integrate itself in Outlook and you’ll only have to press the record button to get started with your message. Personally I liked this new gadget for my e-mails. Quality is quite good, with the compression because without compression it would get rather large to send. Which is also the one and only con of this product but in the end it’s just good enough to properly work with.

It’s a quite useful product, it can save you lots of time. Not to forget that you can bring some emotions with the message.


This is a product that will allow you to send e-mails with your own voice. With this product you will get very personal e-mails. And you can add some nice emotions to your message now, instead of always typing those same old dull characters. Now you don’t have to type your messages anymore, unless you want to of course, you can save a lot of time too.

That’s not all, it only costs $30,- which I really found cheap for such great features it provides. With the hotkeys you can easily record the your voice and attach it to your e-mail. And even if you don’t want to use the hotkeys, you’ll have a well-looking interface ready for you to use. You might think that your e-mails will get too big to send when you would attach your voice to it. Not with Voice E-mail Vemail. Vemail has the option to compress your voice track so it will be smaller in size, and therefore small enough to send, and faster.

Did your voice track still got too big to send? No problem at all, with the speech-to-text module you can easily convert your voice to text and only send the voice tracks you want to be sent. Another option is just using the speech-to-text module when you’re not in the mood to type those long e-mails to your contacts.

Voice E-mail is totally worth its money, even if it would just be the speech-to-text module. Most of the speech-to-text products really cost a fortune, and will be out of reach of normal home users. But Vemail is kind enough to provide this feature for a low-price!

So if you haven’t got this product but you’re looking for such type of product, stop looking. This is worth every penny!

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Gate-and-Way Voice

Gate-and-Way Voice

To be connected to the world has never been so easy and safe.
The Gate-and-Way Control Panel guarantees one simple solution in the complex world of the Unified Messaging System. It’s a centralized environment designed to easily manage and have full control over the server itself and its services.

To add a client, to give it the permissions, to enable the services, to automate the operations, to quickly monitor whether everything is running ok, even if you are outside the company…

The answer is Gate-and-Way!

$49 – Buy Gate-and-way Voice now !



Voice Gateway

Voice Gateway

Setup the voice gateway

Setup the voice gateway

1. Mailboxes in the Internal Mail Server.
Shared Mail Folders.
Fetching of e-mail stored on External Mailboxes over the Internet.
Enabling client PC over the LAN to send mail either to internal or external mailboxes.

2. Enabling client PC to send faxes outside your company.
The received faxes arrive as e-mail, in PDF format.

3. Starting/Stopping your Internet connection.
Enabling client PC to use this connection and the integrated firewall.
Sharing a single account with all the users on the LAN.

4. Starting/Stopping the incoming voice calls detection,
Choosing the hours and the messages your Voice Modem has to play.

5. Choosing which files have to be Backuped in the local server,
And in the remote LAN clients.

6. Detecting malfunctions on the RAID system (if installed) and showing you the reasons of the problem.

7. Looking at the status and the log files of the server and all the provided services:
Internet connections,
Firewall attempting of intrusion,
Status of the remote mailboxes to fetch,
Faxserver and related modem(s),
Incoming voice calls and status of the related modem,
Backup logs,
Remote Access status and status of the related modem,
System log, Mail log and RAID log.

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