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Voice Connector


Messengers could be a thing of the past. With software such as Voice Connector voice communication is possible on your own private lan without needing any internet access. The user interface is very friendly and it comes packed with features such as voice mail. Text chat is no longer boring but comfortable.

Thanks to the new technologies that power this software you can chat with your friends, choose multiple recipients and do much more no matter what you do anytime. For example you might be playing your favorite computer game but you won’t get bothered from your game play as an Overlay message will popup. No need for game pausing or any kind of hassle, voice communication is as easy as it should be. The above features make Voice Connector to be the number one choice for businesses especially for internet cafes or for game rooms.

The interface is very similar to the one of ICQ (popular chat client). This guarantees that you will quickly learn most program features very fast. But local voice chat is not all, Voice Connector knows how to do voice email. You can now save all voice chats and listen to them later from. Recommended for any business and education.

Use the local area network voice chat client for voice and text chat in public or private communication as well as in video conferences chat rooms.

$14 – Buy now!



Voice Chat Software
(screen capture of the Voice Software)

Talk over lan | Voice Mail
(Voice chat window)

advanced voice configuration
(for the experts: more advanced settings in Voice Connector)


  • Software is a good solution for voice chat between multiple users of a network.
  • Select message recipients from any running application and do real time chat.
  • The text chat supports emoticons and text formatting.
  • P2P communication architecture, and great video conference optimizations.
  • Supports the multicast protocol, this will allow communication between routed networks.
  • Simple messenger-like software interface.
  • No internet connection is required. Install and go.
  • If you are stepped out voice mail will keep received messages.


Voice Connector will give you the possibility to talk with your friends in your own LAN network! It works very fluently while playing games and scanning the computer for viruses and other cpu-comprehensive tasks. One of the most handy features is that it will give you the possibility to talk to multiple recipients at once! You won’t believe how useful this might be unless you try it. I am using this product almost daily now, and I don’t think I can do without this product anymore. It saves me a unbelievable amount of typing all my messages all the time. Now I can speak at full speed without being bothered by my personal bottleneck (typing speed). You’d think I am a slow typer, but the opposite is true. I can type fast but I can talk a lot faster.

Another feature of Voice Connector is that it has the ability to record your voice and attach it to a e-mail and send it away. And it can be used in video conferences as well.

In short: it’s an amazing product for only $14!

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Voice Email Vemail


Vemail is a voice email software that offers a simplified solution to you to record and send any voice message through an email. The email can then be sent from a personal computer or from your own Pocket PC.
No longer use ordinary text while sending email when you can use Vemail and send audio messages in a snap.

Sending a voice message with this voice software is very straight forward. First enter an email address in the To Field. Now press and hold the F6 key on your keyboard for as long as you talk into the microphone and record your message. Finishing the recording will result in the software applying compression algorithms on your new recording after which it automatically sends it by mail. Don’t worry this setting can be set up so it’s not completely automatic in case you do something wrong while recording the message.

Just about anybody can receive your message and listen to it from their own email inbox. This doesn’t require any extra software on each part and it will be played in the default player that comes with the operating system.

Using voice messages over plain text has many advantages. One of them is that we speak faster than we type. Also we find it more relaxing to speak a message since this keeps us less occupied. Voice messages are thus indeed an improvement to electronic communications. The person that receives the voice message will be more impressed. He/she feel that he/she is really talking with you because of the personal tone of the human voice. You will be using Vemail constantly in no-time as it is very easy to use. It has an easy and user friendly user interface that comes packed with everything the software needs.

$30 – Buy now!



Voice Email Message
(how to send a voice email message)


  • Easily include both the voice message and any other text or written notice in the email.
  • Automatic process: the voice message is recorded and then automatically attached to the email.
  • Ability to send Vemail without running the software by using configurable system hot-keys.
  • Extended settings if needed. You can even choose which codec to use in the voice message compression. The audio recording is smaller.
  • You can edit the voice recording if you need to. Easily continue a recording from a previous one.
  • Send email to anyone or mass send it by sending it to a group.
  • Supports mp3 file format.
  • Keep track of all your current or sent voice messages. The software even offers backup by cd or dvd.
  • By installing the text to speech module the software can translate the voice recording into a text draft so that you can include it in the sent email.
  • Vemail has a user friendly interface. It’s very easy to use making it easy for anyone to send voice emails.
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Your Voice Reminder


Your Voice Reminder is a software that delivers voice messages, reminders and alerts based on a customized calendar with appointments and tasks set by you. This make it be part of an unique Time Management Package that helps relieve stress while not having the pressure of time.

Do your work at ease now, don’t worry about time management and leave this task for your personal computer to do with Your Voice Reminder Software.
The software was built in such a way that you will get used to it in time and will feel comfortable relying on it. The voice reminder will remind you about key events in advance with the start up reminders.

Time tracking is now done with ease, the user having the ability to set the software to display reminders from time to time. These reminders can have both text and voice.

Your Voice Reminder voice message software is much more than a simple software. It provides eye catching calendars, new changing color calendar reminders, customizable alerts, easy import, export and merge all events.
All of the above together with the software text to speech feature make it a good reminder software for windows.

$29.95 – Buy now!



Reminder Software | Alarm Software
(picture showing how to use the reminder/alarm software)


  • Get a quick look on all the upcoming events for all days to come in the virtual desktop.
  • Simple listing of current and future events, reminders (to-do items) and alerts (for meetings) in a daily view display style. Browse the list by clicking on any day from the calendar.
  • Printable to-do list, (including meetings and tasks) the list is automatically generated from all reminders, alarms and alerts, in a portable format.
  • From now on you you will never forget about special events or appointments of any kind, birthday, holidays, etc.
  • Work comfortably and get a warning in time for appointed phone calls, breakfast etc.
  • Never forget those mini breaks to prevent overusing the computer that can cause errors and other problems.
  • Start Up greetings with voice, music or any other text messages, e.g.: “Greetings my King!”
  • Never forget to make room in your timetable for next projects.
  • You no longer need to check the time or date now you can listen to it being presented to you with a pleasent voice.
  • Work with secret task bar and still easily see the time /date.
  • Keep you screen background and with one mouse move view the calendar and clock. Get an overall view on all upcoming events that are grouped in a nice looking easy to browse list
  • Enhance your task bar with a colored clock.
  • Easily export all reminders (all the tasks, and to do items), all the alerts (future appointments), backup, import the list and merge for a perfect syncronization.
  • Quickly register anyone for voice data to use with this software / or use the time announcement feature and hear the complete time with the voice chosen by you in the software settings.


I’ve always had a scattered mind and I was always struggling with it. First I tried the notes-system but that was a true disaster. A month or two ago my daughter recommended me this product. As she has the same scattered mind as I do, but she found a solution to it.

It took me a week at max to get used to this system but after that it felt great working with it. I just love the personal audio messages. I let my friends speak in a personal reminder to their birthday and set the warning a couple of days before the birthday and on the birthday itself. That way I can remember their birthdays and still have enough time to buy them a present.

The way data is presented has a nice and clean look. I can see all my appointments in a single eye capture. I couldn’t be more satisfied with this product!

I recommend this product because:

  1. It’s easy in use.
  2. Clear and straightforward layout.
  3. It does it’s job, and this is of course one of the most important factors.
  4. It’s cheap!
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mailAmp Voice Email

Voice Email Software


The Voice Email software from mailAmp lets you create voice email messages in Outlook and Outlook Express using the MP3 technology. This will guarantee a better quality of your messages and at the same time better compression rates.

A voice email is faster in many ways also it is always more personal than a text message.
The resulted MP3 file can be sent to any email user.

This software installs a plug-in to Outlook. The plugins integrates into Outlook and ads features. You can now create short or long audio email messages that can be sent to any email user. Since the files will be compressed into MP3 format, the one who receives the message won’t need any kind of software installed.

The audio format email is compressed in size before it is sent to the receiver. With this software you get the trial version for free.

Advantages of trial version:

  • it doesn’t expire


  • all the trial limitations

The registered version has no limits such as the trial did on the recording time of your messages. By registering the product you get a top quality software packed with extra features.

18.03 Euro – Buy Now – Voice Email



Voice Email Software

Voice Email Software

Recording a voice message

Recording a voice message

The Outlook plugin is very compact as it takes an unbelievable amount of space. The results on the other hand are incredible.


Normally you would type an e-mail but with this software you speak the e-mail! It will integrate itself in Outlook and you’ll only have to press the record button to get started with your message. Personally I liked this new gadget for my e-mails. Quality is quite good, with the compression because without compression it would get rather large to send. Which is also the one and only con of this product but in the end it’s just good enough to properly work with.

It’s a quite useful product, it can save you lots of time. Not to forget that you can bring some emotions with the message.


This is a product that will allow you to send e-mails with your own voice. With this product you will get very personal e-mails. And you can add some nice emotions to your message now, instead of always typing those same old dull characters. Now you don’t have to type your messages anymore, unless you want to of course, you can save a lot of time too.

That’s not all, it only costs $30,- which I really found cheap for such great features it provides. With the hotkeys you can easily record the your voice and attach it to your e-mail. And even if you don’t want to use the hotkeys, you’ll have a well-looking interface ready for you to use. You might think that your e-mails will get too big to send when you would attach your voice to it. Not with Voice E-mail Vemail. Vemail has the option to compress your voice track so it will be smaller in size, and therefore small enough to send, and faster.

Did your voice track still got too big to send? No problem at all, with the speech-to-text module you can easily convert your voice to text and only send the voice tracks you want to be sent. Another option is just using the speech-to-text module when you’re not in the mood to type those long e-mails to your contacts.

Voice E-mail is totally worth its money, even if it would just be the speech-to-text module. Most of the speech-to-text products really cost a fortune, and will be out of reach of normal home users. But Vemail is kind enough to provide this feature for a low-price!

So if you haven’t got this product but you’re looking for such type of product, stop looking. This is worth every penny!


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