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Web Voice Chat is a web script that offers voice and text communication for web sites.
As a web visitor your client browser will silently download and run the signed applet distributed by “VIMAS Technologies Limited Liability Company”. This will enhance any website by offering your visitors a way to voice chat online.

Web Voice Chat script is already used:

  • in various distance e-learning sites that offer communication between students and teachers for improved learning.
  • on many corporate websites where it offers advanced communication solution between offices and other remote points.
  • on the e-commerce sites for voice communication between customer and help desk;

All communication is done secure and the applet itself is Verified by “Thawte Consulting cc”. It has a good looking design and comes with many features such as automatic reconnect when server connection was lost, many settings that can be modified to improve how the script looks and feels as well as many other features.

$400 – $900 – Buy now!



web voice chat
(Voice Chat on the Web)


I have been using Web Voice Chat for quite a while now, and I must say I could not be more satisfied! It is not hard to setup and still it gives your website a incredible awesome feature.

I used Web Voice Chat for my old educational website. The website had all kinds of educational papers on it. In the old system of that website we had a standard straightforward (text)message system. After a while we decided to upgrade the site and we installed Web Voice Chat on it. The students immediately spotted this feature. And when something cool is noticed it doesn’t take long before the news goes around. Same situation with the website and the students.

The students started talking about this great new feature and we noticed that the amount of visitors increased by almost 300%.

We set up a poll to ask the students what they thought about this new feature and they said it was the best thing on the whole website. They experienced this system as pleasant, and easy in use. Many were also happy that they don’t had to type anymore.

All things considered: A incredible product! You don’t want to miss this!


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