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VoiceCall is a responding machine and telephone dialer. It has speaker and Caller ID support. When someone calls you VoiceCall will restore itself on the first ring and you can even configure it to pause any music that might be playing on Winamp.

Callers can be announced using any SAPI compliant text-to-speech engine. Besides offering the perfect phone answering system for pc it offers a great replacement for an phone book. If the number that is calling is in the Cute Organizer database then callers name, photo and notes will be shown up before you even pick up the phone.

Calls are of course logged with date stamp, time, name and number in an easy to read log file. When you get back you can return any of the missed calls with a click of your mouse. VoiceCall dialer allows you place calls using the speakerphone and will automatically redial if the phone line gets the busy message.

If you are away, VoiceCall will respond the call after a pre-set number of rings, play a greeting and record your voice mail. Recorded messages can be e-mailed or forwarded to your mobile device. Thus it is the perfect going on a vacation solution. It can store unlimited voice messages on your own pc. The limit is your free memory and a recording doesn’t take much as it is saved in any of the following formats: wav, wma or mp3.

In case you were wondering you can easily record any give conversation. It’s as easy as pressing a big record button while talking. The recording is done in stealth mode and the person you are talking to has no idea the conversation is recorded.

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a voice call in progress
(“Voice Call” software screen shot while in a call)

Each call is logged
(It is very easy to check the log and see missed calls with detailed information)

User gets notified of any calls by email
(If you are away from town you might need mail notification, the future of voice mail)


Phone Dialer features:

  • Twenty five speed dial push buttons
  • It is integrated within Windows Dialing Properties dialog
  • Easily link any existing call at any particular time
  • Automatic redial when calling busy numbers
  • Supports using calling card or access numbers for long-distance calls

Extensive VoiceCall Features:

  • Wave presentation of all recorded voice messages
  • Schedule profiles automatic change using the Task Scheduler
  • Both outgoing and incoming phonecalls can be easily logged
  • Recording of telephone conversations at a push of a button
  • Blinking icon in the tray or Scroll Lock light flashes on new calls
  • Software is minimized in the system tray
  • Easily check your voice mail through internet from anywhere.

Speakerphone and Optional Caller ID features:

  • Missed calls right from the Call Log
  • Personal rings and greetings
  • Block undesirable callers
  • Name is looked up using the Organizer phone books
  • caller’s name alerted using text-to-speech technology
  • See detailed information about who is calling you

Answering Machine features:

  • Support for Toll saver
  • Make unlimited mailboxes; Software supports password-protection
  • Send messages using VoiceCall to any phone
  • Detailed and user-friendly history logs for all phone calls.
  • Play back voice messages from history logs
  • Messages can be played back from any other phone
  • All phone calls go through the soundcard
  • Get notifications by email on new calls/messages
  • Indicator for new messages
  • Record greeting audio message that the phone will play


VoiceCall is a responding machine for your telephone. A very well featured product for this purpose. Personally I am using this quite a while now and I can not complain about it! It has a incredible list of features and these features are amazingly useful. Not only that, it’s also very easy to install. If you would compare these features and the userfriendly factor the price is nothing.

In the past I was not able to recognize the caller but with this Caller ID support I don’t have to worry about picking up the phone anymore. The logging feature might come in handy if you’re that person with so much trouble on his mind and keeps forgetting everything. Now you can instantly see who called you at what day and time.

Collect your phone numbers in a Cute Organizer Database and never forget a friend anymore. You can add all kinds of information to it; photos, notes, everything. And you can call them just as easily now. No more dialing those numbers and have the chance of mis-typing a number.

One of the next things I want to tell you about is the webserver feature. It happens every week, I am at my girlfriends apartment and I need to check on my voicemail of home. With Voice Call I only have to go to my server address and voila, I can listen my voicemails.

Ever had a conversation with a friend or family that you considered pure gold? With this product you can record your message by just pressing a big record button. Once recorderd you can listen it over and over again. Or you could prove your friends you won that bet you set?

Aproved by Voice Software Organization
Gate-and-Way Voice

Gate-and-Way Voice

To be connected to the world has never been so easy and safe.
The Gate-and-Way Control Panel guarantees one simple solution in the complex world of the Unified Messaging System. It’s a centralized environment designed to easily manage and have full control over the server itself and its services.

To add a client, to give it the permissions, to enable the services, to automate the operations, to quickly monitor whether everything is running ok, even if you are outside the company…

The answer is Gate-and-Way!

$49 – Buy Gate-and-way Voice now !



Voice Gateway

Voice Gateway

Setup the voice gateway

Setup the voice gateway

1. Mailboxes in the Internal Mail Server.
Shared Mail Folders.
Fetching of e-mail stored on External Mailboxes over the Internet.
Enabling client PC over the LAN to send mail either to internal or external mailboxes.

2. Enabling client PC to send faxes outside your company.
The received faxes arrive as e-mail, in PDF format.

3. Starting/Stopping your Internet connection.
Enabling client PC to use this connection and the integrated firewall.
Sharing a single account with all the users on the LAN.

4. Starting/Stopping the incoming voice calls detection,
Choosing the hours and the messages your Voice Modem has to play.

5. Choosing which files have to be Backuped in the local server,
And in the remote LAN clients.

6. Detecting malfunctions on the RAID system (if installed) and showing you the reasons of the problem.

7. Looking at the status and the log files of the server and all the provided services:
Internet connections,
Firewall attempting of intrusion,
Status of the remote mailboxes to fetch,
Faxserver and related modem(s),
Incoming voice calls and status of the related modem,
Backup logs,
Remote Access status and status of the related modem,
System log, Mail log and RAID log.

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