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Natural Voice Text to Speech Reader


NaturalReader is not just any Text to Speech software program as it comes with realistic voices. With this software you can now easily make the pc read and record any text. It supports most text format files such as reading from emails, portable document files (PDF), it can even read from any website or webpage. Let us not forget it supports the popular document and text or rtf format. NaturalReader can easily convert all written text into audio files WAV or MP3 that you can listen later on from an iPod, portable mp3 player or CD player.

Free (Free edition) – Free download
$ 49.50 (Personal edition) – Buy now!
$ 99.50 (Professional edition) – Buy now!



Voice Software Bar
(Natural Reader easy to use floating bar – compact mode)

NaturalReader Text to Voice Software integrates itself into existing office software
(NaturalReader Toolbar from office: integrated for easy usage)

You can use Text to Voice technology right from Internet Explorer
(Plugin for Internet Explorer so that text to voice is done in a snap)


  • Easy Usage; Integration with popular software
  • Supports compressed audio format
  • Natural or Real sounding voice for the text to speech
  • You tweak everything: Quality, Speed and many other adjustments


Ever since I’ve been experiencing eye problems while working behind my computer I have been searching for products that could help me with reading from my computer screen. I’ve tried a lot of text to speech products and I never really found any good one until I found Natural Voice Text To Speech Reader. A lot of the products I used before either didn’t support the formats I wanted or they had a really rubbish performance or they were too expansive for me to buy or, last but definitely not least, were not user friendly at all.

It happens quite a lot that I let it read a document and record as MP3 and listen it when I want. The voice that is used here is pleasant to listen to. One of the other things of which I was and still am very happy about is the user interface. It’s very clear how to operate it. Later, when I got familiar enough with the product, I started customizing the settings more and more. And after a testing a lot of combination of settings I found the setting that was absolutely perfect to me. This even made me more satisfied with this product.

I can do nothing but recommending this product to everyone, don’t let the price scare you away cause it is absolutely worth it!


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