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Dragon Naturally Speaking


Dragon Naturally Speaking is a SPEECH to TEXT (STT) software. Such software will convert spoken words into text that are then put through an interpreter that knows if it needs to type the text or take it as a command and do something like open a browser, select a field, etc.

Overall STT software will give all professionals and small businesses alike a great advantage: the power to make documents, any kind of reports and emails two point five times faster than in any other case. Don’t take the producer word for it. They offer a demo video that proves this and most important an online typing challenge.
You will get Word per minute statistics as well as accuracy number thus getting a great insight in the STT software.

Typing text not only takes longer than it should but on complicated words there’s a great chance you can mistype them. Dragon Naturally Speaking comes to the rescue. You will never misspell a word.

For easy computer navigation Dragon Naturally Speaking offers a vast list of commands that will make using your computer from a distance with a microphone be as easy as possible. You can literally surf the web with your voice or you can dictate anything and edit text in most Windows based software. Use your handheld device if you are away from the pc, or you can use a Bluetooth microphone if available.

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I have been using this software for quit a long time now. This software is 100% satisfying for me. My typing skills are not that great, especially not compared to my talking skills.
Before you can use this product you’ll have to read a couple of texts to let Dragon Naturally Speaking get familiar with your voice and be able to recognize it. This might take quite a while but it’s all worth it. In fact I even found it pleasant to read the story’s.

Once all was set up I was ready to roll. Using the commands that can be set in Dragon Naturally Speaking are very helpful for my daily routine tasks, it really helps to speed up my work flow. For my work I have to do a lot of administration work, making documents and such, and when I am sitting in front of my pc too long I get really tired eyes and they force me to stop my work and continue later. But with this great software I can just sit in my living room with my microphone and dictate the documents and use the commands to save the document and create a new, send them over mail to my clients, or print them out.

This is one of the best software I have installed on my pc, and I recommended it to everyone. The price is all worth it!


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