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Adobe Soundbooth CS 4


Take command of all your creative projects (no matter if they are audio, film or videos). Adobe® Soundbooth® CS4 software can work with all. Use the Spectral view to visually edit and manipulate audio clips, or an enhanced editing workflow to personalize included Soundbooth Scores. It comes with convenient, task-based tools and tight integration with Adobe Premiere® Pro CS4 and Flash® CS4 Professional software.

Key features:

  • Match volume across tracks with a simple click
  • Find specific points in dialogue fast
  • Create audio loops with ease

$199 – Buy now!




Adobe software has two products for audio editing; Audition and Soundbooth. Some of you might already know one, or both, products. I am here reviewing Soundbooth.

For this review I used Soundbooth CS4. It is sold as a standalone product and part of the CS4 suite. It costs around 200 USD and 80 for a upgrade. One of the goals for the developers for the CS4 suite was to make the interfaces universal, and thus making working between several Adobe products easier. The interface now has panels which you can drag all over the screen to create the perfect interface for your goal.

I have been working with both audio products from Adobe for a while now, and when I updated to the CS4 pack it took me some time to get used to the new interface, but it didn’t created any problem nor irritation.

One of the new features is multi track editing. This is quite a essential feature for audio-editing products. When you drag a audio track in the editing panel the audio track will be cascaded down in the editing panel. If you need to edit one specific track, the track can be opened in a seperate panel for more advanced kind of editing.

Soundbooths Auto-Heal is a feature that can remove random noises and clicky sounds from the audio track. In the performed tests it came out very good, compared to lots of other audio-edting products! Personally, I believe Soundbooth has one, if not the!, of the best Auto-Heal-like functions.

A third new feature is Vocal Enhancer. This is used for voice recordings, removing noises from microphone and such.

Overall I am very satisfied with the progress of Soundbooth, and because of the new universal interface I find it much more comforting working between Soundbooth and Premiere. I must admit however, for more professional features you should take Adobe Audition, but that’s just for the real pro’s who need greater control over their audio. Do not immediately think Soundbooth is not for those specialized in audio, film and is, but like I said above: Audition is for those who need even greater control.

I am happy I spent the 80 bucks for the upgrade, however if I had to I would paid the 200 too.


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